We popped by the studio of Ludo (interviewed) in Paris as he prepares for his London solo show The Chaos Theory at Lazarides Rathbone. Using his trademark neon green and monochromatic palette, the Frenchman’s new body of work illustrates themes of chaos, through a battalion of futuristic mechanical butterflies.

Blending nature and human technology with anatomical and technical precision, Ludo references the accelerated pace of life in which people continually strive to keep up with the ongoing race against the clock. The frail and ephemeral butterfly image has been reincarnated into hybrid creatures that possess strength and durability reminiscent of combat weaponry: the Butterfly Effect. In parallel to his canvas series, the Paris-based artist will also display a site specific installation across Lazarides Rathbone’s first floor exhibition space.

The show runs from 10th October 2014 to 13th November 2014.

Photo credit: Butterfly
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