Duality is generally viewed as good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, love and hate and the relationship they have with the other, and that is just one of the many constants we all love about the work of Faile. Provocative imagery paired with romanticized hardship, “No Expectations”,  “With Love and Kisses, Nothing lasts Forever”, and “Fast Love” just a few of the dozens of inspiring quotes found within their latest stacked fragmented cubed collage. Even their signature “1986” referring to that moment of the challenger disaster, reminding the viewer that some moments you quite simply never forget, and quite humbly can never get back.

But as raw as Faile’s work might sometimes rub us we cannot deny its incredible symmetry through controlled chaos. These pieces are tightly woven works with many hints of new avenues to come from the duo, as well as some repeat performances mixed in from last years collaboration with the New York City Ballet. Faile’s work always begs us to feel, while making it clear the feelings not going to last. With that in mind, if you have the opportunity we highly suggest you swing by the newly christened, Allouche Gallery in the heart of SOHO in New York City. Faile –‘Works on Wood’ will be on view until December 10th, which would be a great day for a closing party.

Photos: Manuel Bello