Marco Mazzoni will be opening his first solo exhibition with Thinkspace gallery on Saturday, November 8th. Titled Immune, this show will introduce pencil on paper works that are strongly inspired by Sardinian myths and tradition, and in this particular case, by a human’s endurance of pain.

Working with a medium that is often considered unsophisticated, Mazzoni creates soft, dreamy images, putting great attention to details, and achieving fantastic gradation and light effect. Along with larger faceless portraits of female herbalists and healers from 16th century, the Italian artist created some smaller, nature-influenced drawings on moleskine paper. These pieces represent the raw beauty of flora and fauna with its chaotic nature balancing between disorder and complete harmony. From the preview we received from the artist, the new drawings seem even more complex and richer than before, backed up with his peculiar and impeccable drawings skills. Immune will stay on view until November 29 in Culver City, so make sure you check out these unique works if you’re in the area.

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