Jonathan LeVine Gallery recently closed a successful solo show by Esao Andrews titled Epilogues. Being his second show with the gallery, the paintings continue and revisit the imagery from his previous exhibition and form a coherent body of work when taken together. Burnt hot air balloons, fabric patterns, flocks of crows, snakes, are just some of the recurring elements that can be noticed in more than one painting.

The main focus of these pieces was the ongoing narrative in Andrew’s work, and a challenge to give some sort of closure to his images and themes. So Epilogues sheds a new light on some of artist’s most familiar images, which appear aged or matured, still keeping the signature haunted feel that his work has been known for. The combination of his impeccable painting skills and his rich imagination results in strong works where fairytales meets the wildness of nature seen through limitless surrealist eyes. These complex, often dark compositions and forms are actually “visual metaphors that convey wistful moments full of beauty and nostalgia.” The ease of mixing the natural and familiar with the impossible and imaginary is one of the main trademarks of his work, along with recognizable light effects and careful but effective use of bright, almost over saturated colors.

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