British artistic duo Kai and Sunny, who we have been long time followers, recently opened a new solo exhibition in New York at Jonathan LeVine GalleryLots of Bits of Stars includes carvings, letterpress prints and ink works on paper. The duo also created an original collaboration with Shepard Fairey. Depicting geometric patterns of flora and fauna, the works in the show revolve around contradicting perceptions of the natural world, balancing the serene with the fierce, the fragile with the stable, and the vulnerable with the assertive.

The creative process starts with hand-drawn sketches, before infusing inks with mineral powders, to achieve a distinct texture and sheen on their prints, whether creating hand-finished or pulled monochromatic screen prints on wood, copper and paper.

Alex Maas, a member of the  rock band, The Black Angels, and friend, Toydrum, have created a musical composition exclusively for the exhibition, which explores how music and the written word impact Kai & Sunny’s work. While a limited number of CD’s were available to guests attending the opening reception, you can also download the music here.

Photo credit: Kai  & Sunny (top portrait by Joe Russo).
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