SC Gallery in Bilbao, Spain is opening a small group exhibition entitled No + de 30 which will introduce new works by young urban artists Aryz, Axel Void and Sebas Velasco. Even though all of the artists have their roots in graffiti and street art, each of them produces significantly different studio works. Focused on transferring the imperfections and spontaneity of sketching and drawing into bigger scale pieces, Aryz will be showing drawings he has been developing lately. On other hand, Axel Void and Sebas Velasco will be introducing works that use classic painting methods strongly connected with their street origins. In Axel’s case, those are dark themed oils, while Sebas created a series which shows moments in the everyday life of graffiti artists, portrayed through oil paintings.

The show will open on Saturday December 13, and will stay on view all the way until March 2, 2015.