While there are some street artists who are not happy with the fact that their work is being taken from the streets and shared online, Insa has took a completely different approach to this phenomenon. He combined his Photoshop skills and graphic design experience, and came up with an original idea of creating public works designed specifically for viewing online. A few years ago he started creating gif-iti’s, works that are painted and shot in several different layers, which combined result in a smooth animation.

After creating these works all over the globe, collaborating with numerous graffiti and street art colleagues, and releasing a gif-iti viewer app, he recently finalized his biggest project to date – the world largest gif-iti piece that can be seen from space. In collaboration with Ballantine’s, he spent few days in Brazil where he painted this enormous piece with a team of 20 people. Working non stop for four days, a huge version of the London-based artist’s famous Looking For Love pattern was realized. With each of the hearts being 24 meters across, the total surface of this record breaking piece is around 14,000 square meters. The piece was than photographed in high definition by a satellite orbiting 431 miles above the earth, and these photos were used for the final gif-iti image that can be seen bellow.