On the 5th of February, Rex Romae will open a London solo by the versatile and prolific artist, Gonzalo Borondo. Set up at the London Newcastle Project Space in Shoreditch, Animal is shaping up to be his most ambitious display to date that will be on view through the 26th of February.

The focus of the show is on “the conflict between our innate animal instincts and our present lives, which are coated with the dependence of technology and our fear for the unknown.” Through his rough, expressive work that strongly varies in mediums and techniques used, Borondo tries to express different facts of human nature as well as our raw instincts. The body of work includes several very large works, some mid size ones, and a large series of small, affordable works on glass, mirroring his signature technique of painting on glass that he’s been using in his street pieces. These works will be displayed through eight thematic spaces along with video installations and painting animations. To mark this important event, Borondo also created a limited edition screenprint that will be available at the premises, with part of the edition being released online.

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