The Basel Art Fair circuit is pretty clear cut when it comes to scheduling for its mainstay fairs around the world. Art Basel takes Europe in June, Art Basel Miami takes hold of North America in December and Asia circles the calendar in May for the art world to visit Art Basel Hong Kong. But this year, the folks in charge of Art Basel shook things up and moved the fair to March.

AM recently visited Hong Kong to catch the event in Hong Kong at the Wan Chai convention center. Again utilizing two floors of the massive exhibition arena, Basel sets the standard for art fairs. Cramped is not a word that comes to mind in the three days it took us to take in the fair. With over 250 galleries and 3000 artists to display, one might think galleries would be packed together like sardines in a can, but it was the opposite. The fair gives every gallery plenty of space to stretch out and showcase the artwork in a fashion similar to their native gallery environment. In addition, the design of the fair utilizes the enormous space of the convention center and allows multiple installations to spread out while engulfing and entertaining fair goers.