If you’re visiting Milan between April 7th and 19th, you can see two gigantic original canvases, hand-painted by Agostino Iacurci, on display in Piazzale Loreto and Piazzale Cadorna. Utilizing major advertising spaces in a unique way, these 80 and 90 sqm artworks are an introduction to his upcoming show Appearance and Disappearance, opening at Galleria Patricia Armocida on April 21st.

Known for his well composed murals that blend perfectly with the environment they are painted in, his approach to studio work is no exception. Using harmonious colors and complementing shapes, he creates flat imagery that construct complex, narrative images. Through simple visual illusions along with deconstruction and de-composition of his characters against their surrounding, his images are reflections of the real world placed in an undefined and timeless space. With his unmistakable style consisting of clean, simple, almost geometric forms, and signature color palette, he has created fresh works depicting dreamy scenarios. The exhibition will include ten small, medium, and large-scale canvases, fifteen assemblages, and six wooden sculptures made especially for the gallery, which will stay on view all the way until July 24th.

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