Earlier this month, Roq la Rue welcomed back Travis Louie for his Archive of Lost Species solo show. Louie’s finely rendered acrylic paintings are once again on display, with his usual recipe of the odd and imaginary. Oscar Pennington and his travels take center stage as he documents strange and wild creatures found around the world. The stories don’t stop with the brush though, as the pieces are accompanied with a short story, and Pennington’s Fish Frog of Burma even includes a diagram detailing the amphibious creature.

In her Roq la Rue debut, Lauren Marx’s solo show American Wilderness explores the circle of life in fine detail. A variety of mediums are used to render the exquisite works. Flowers and fungi burst from the decomposed prey, while the predators devour and tear flesh across the paper. Gruesome in many instances, one can’t help but see the beauty as nature reclaims the deceased.

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