This weekend, Galerie Zimmerling & Jungfleisch brings a well balanced combination of graffiti roots and contemporary abstract art to Saarbrücken in Germany in the guise of group exhibition Ambiguity. Concentrating on four key proponents of the Graffuturism movement; Poesia, Augustine Kofie, Remi Rough and LX One – whose dimensional work is pictured above – the exhibition looks full of promise from some of the hardest working artists in their field. Repping the USA and Europe in equal measure, these four innovators use a dialect that has helped establish a worldwide movement over the last decade.

The exhibition is interestingly named, as the four artists represented have very different individual styles and aesthetics, but are a congruent assembly and share common roots which stretch back to their graffiti heritage and more recently the Transcend and Agents of Change collectives they are part of.

Enjoy these preview pictures courtesy of the gallery if you can’t make the show in person. The exhibition opens Saturday May 28th and runs through July 18th.