886 Geary Gallery hosts a stellar line up of contemporary artists that have transitioned from graffiti artists into highly regarded fine artists, without compromising their heritage, tonight in the form of the Graffuturism 5 Year Anniversary Group Exhibition. The first in a planned series of exhibitions across the globe celebrating the success of an art blog that been the catalyst in fostering a genuine movement, this exhibition in San Francisco is curated by Graffuturism founder Poesia; who brings together a global selection of artists that have established the graffiti zeitgeist.

The show features Aaron De La Cruz, Augustine Kofie (pictured in studio above), Basik, Bom.k, Boris Delta Tellegen, Carlos Mare, Chazme, Christopher Derek Bruno,Duncan Jago, EKG, Geso, Gilbert1, Jerry Joker Inscoe, Kan, Kema, Kwest, Matt W.Moore, Moneyless, Morik, Nawer, Nelio, Pener, Poesia, Pro176, Remi Rough, Saber, SatOne,Thomas Canto, Tomek, Vesod, and West One.

With a range of artistsic styles, directions and techniques are displayed by the group, they all retain the vibrancy of their graffiti backgrounds as well as embrace the visual vocabulary imbued by traditional art movements such as Futurism, Abstract Expressionism, Geometric Abstraction, Hard-Edge, Op-Art and Precisionism within their collective work. Whilst these artists acknowledge and embrace movements of the past, they confidently stand outside of historical classification and have established themselves as a core group of protagonists defining a contemporary movement they have made their own.

Catch the exhibition between its opening tonight, March 14th until April 4th.