Showing through the end of this weekend is a show entitled Wipe Out from Invader in Hong Kong at The Qube, PMQ (35 Aberdeen Street, Central). The title of the exhibition is in reference to the extremely efficient and quick removal of 90% of his famed tiled creations from the streets of the metropolis by cleaning crews after getting up earlier there this year (here & here). Part of the work on display is a re-creation of these pieces and the photo documentation of their brief existence in the wild.

Presented by the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Foundation [HOCA] & Le French May, the French street artist’s first solo in HK also includes imagery chosen with the locale in mind including a sweet sculptural tribute to Bruce Lee. Also of interest are all new LED artworks (seen ab0ve) that are a new medium for the artist.

Photo credit: Kitmin Lee (courtesy of HOCA Foundation & partially via Hypebeast) / ©Invader.
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