As we previously shared with you, KAWS currently has three sculptures set up in a public space around south Amsterdam. As a part of this year’s ArtZuid 2015 project, the NY-based artist was given one of the most prestigious locations for an iteration of his Along The Way sculptures, previously seen at his show with Mary Boone Gallery (covered). Exhibiting in a different colorway than the one shown in NYC, these two wooden companions measuring an impressive 216 x 176 x 120 inches are located in the middle of Museum Square, right in front of one of Amsterdam’s biggest landmarks – Rijksmuseum.

Along with these sculptures, another two are installed on the streets of south Amsterdam – At This Time, a large companion closing his X eyes and Better Knowing, a Pinnochio version of companion holding his large nose. ArtZuid will stay on display between the 22nd May and the 22nd September, providing a chance for Amsterdam visitors and inhabitants to enjoy high end art sculptures scattered on the streets of the quiet residential neighborhood.

Photo credit: Nicole Blommers.
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