The always outspoken Ben Eine did his part to help paint Coney Island every color in the rainbow. The British born artist, now residing in San Francisco, recently made his way out east to participate in the Coney Art Walls project curated by Jeffrey Deitch. Yes, the same Deitch that bounced ‘or was bounced’ from the MOCA, or whatever. How quickly we forget, this is also the same Jeffrey Deitch that ran the infamous Deitch Projects in lower Manhattan for well over a decade…  That said, we are really exciting about his latest art offering, leaving a splash of graffiti and street art, just steps away from the Coney Island boardwalk.

Let’s get back on subject, shall we? How about that Ben Eine ladies and gentleman. No stranger to bright lights, or vibrant color. This latest work unleashed an explosive load of neons – five color multi-layered stencils applied with pantone book precision. The piece ended up being be quite a “riot.” If you are a fan of typography, color and street art then you are in luck with this number. Get out and see it, and the countless other murals that are up, and continuing to sprout up over the next few weeks. And who knows, maybe you can even track down Zoltar. It’s Coney Island after all.

Photo credit: Birdman Photos.
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