What started out as a sunny Saturday morning eventually turned into nearly five spotty days of thunderstorms, coastline flash flooding and Maya Hayuk relentlessly riding out the storm in pursuit of her craft. As the weather went from bright, blooming and beautiful to dark, dreary and dismal, so also morphed the aesthetic of this incredible wall. The multilayered Maya Hayuk who clearly absorbs the environment in which she inhabits is obviously an introvert, masquerading as a social butterfly. Her process is both beautiful and organic. Many artists would have called it a wrap after two, even three days of ongoing monsoon rains, but not Maya, and the end result is a testament to her longevity and perseverance. If you are among the many people flocking to Coney Island this summer to see the Coney Art Walls curated by Deitch, be sure to stumble upon this wall among the many to pay homage to the great Maya Hayuk.

Words and Photos: Manuel Bello.
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