On the 4th of September, Die Kunstagentin gallery introduced Maya Hayuk’s latest body of work titled Alles Klar, as well as a large mural at their entrance. The new works further explore her signature technique of woven brush strokes. With her straight, strict lines of thick paint,  the NYC-based artist creates trippy colorful patterns which seem to be getting more elaborate. Along with these geometric pieces, Hayuk created several more organic expressive works as well as couple of new, purposely asymmetric, off balance pieces.

While in Cologne, she painted also painted another elaborate indoor mural at Arty Farty Gallery. Created by using neon colors and presented under black light, this intense mural works perfectly as a backdrop for a party. After opening her solo show, the celebration at the Arty Farty art space was the official print release party as well a premiere of short documentary Chemical Trails about Hayuk’s Bowery & Houston wall mural (covered).

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