After flying all around the globe painting some of the biggest and most intricate murals around, Phlegm recently announced this unique project planned through the month of August. The Forest will be taking place around Epping forest, a twelve mile stretch of ancient English woods stretching from Wanstead flats up to Epping and will last from 1st until 31st of August.

During this time the artist will be creating small installations or artwork using fly tipped wood and trash collected over the past few months. As a way to escape the modern life and enjoy untouched nature, the idea was to stimulate others to do the same while searching for these works. Being a big nature lover and environmentalist, the Sheffield-born artist will be picking up other people’s trash upon returning back to his base at the end of each day as well. The project has been now ongoing for almost full week and we can all get a taste of it through his Instagram where he is sharing new works at the end of each day. Using the forest as his studio, his art supply store, but also as his canvas, Phlegm is challenging himself and taking the “site specific” concept to a new level with this exceptional project.