We recently had a peek inside Phlegm‘s little shed at the edge of Epping forest in London, seeing him adding final touches to his upcoming etching release that he has been working between his travels last year or so. The artist that is known for large, elaborate, narrative murals he has been creating everywhere from Sri Lanka to New Zealand, recently returned from his last world trip, and went straight to work finishing this long awaited edition.

Working till late in the night in his tiny, 1.5 meters wide and 2.5 meters long studio, the skillful artist figured out a way to use this small cozy space to produce works of medium size. Always up for taking challenges and never up for conforming, Phlegm built his little shed so the chimney from the stove heats the work table and all the shelves fold up so that the press can extend when he rolls prints through. Watching this unique artist putting so much painstaking work and dedication to every step of the process, using only traditional tools and methods, will surely make you appreciate his unique work and these impressive copper etchings he will be releasing soon. He also showed us these mini stag beetles on wood he’s been creating for an interesting secret little project, as well as told as about a book that he has been working on and off for the last few years. Titled In Brine, this is shaping up to be an incredible elaborate illustration book telling the eternal story about the nature and the circle of life seen through Phlegm’s eyes and imagination.