Over the weekend, Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles opened the doors to The Gilded Age featuring new works by Aaron Horkey, Esao Andrews, and João Ruas. Co-curated by Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace and Horkey himself, the duo set out to put together a “dream-team” exhibition, giving it a title that harkened back to the late 19th century and the industrial revolution.  Horkey ended up handpicking Andrews and Ruas to accompany him and the results are truly outstanding. Horkey even hand-drew the titles for each piece directly onto the wall in-lieu of the standard issue info sticker.

The artists pulled out all the stops with a set of screen prints on offer, as well as a print portflio and a limited pin set. People started lining up in the morning to get their hands on the limited offerings and when the exhibition finally opened that evening, a steady influx of visitors wrapped around the block until the shades were drawn for closing.

The sold out show will be on display until October 3rd.

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