During our recent travels abroad to catch the opening of Banksy’s Dismaland, we also made a few stops to see friends of ours across the pond. One was a visit to Pryce Lee’s massive Birmingham compound that serves as both his lair and studio as he prepped for his upcoming show at Amsterdam’s The Garage.

The exhibition entitled Ceasefire is a step up to another level for the bi-continental artist. Utilizing more than just his signature bullets, Pryce’s fresh works reaches into his arsenal for additional ammo to get his messages across while playing on the ambiguous and often murky term “ceasefire.” Lee calls into question the fine line between war and peace by invoking icons often associated with both ends of the spectrum. As you can see in our studio visit, doves, bullets and shattered glass are all par for the course. Words like elegance and chaos come to mind when determining what the works from the exhibition inspire. It’s rare to see concept and execution converge at a high level when talking about the art world, but after a visit to Mr. Lee’s workshop, it’s not hard to come to expect  that from such a meticulous craftsman. This will definitely one of the more exciting exhibitions to kick off this year’s art season.

This show opens this Friday, so stop by if you’re fortunate enough to be in Amsterdam. Until then check out an inside look at PL’s studio space.

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