French artists 100TAUR and Hisham Echafaki (featured) are opening their debut exhibition Lusus Naturae in London on the 14th of October. The latin terminology utilized as the show title refers to creatures that can not be classified, or are labelled ‘freaks of nature.’ Curated by Butterfly Art News, the showing explores notions of anthropomorphism, human fascination with oddities or monstrosities, and our fragile relationship with the natural world through a series of paintings, drawings, and three dimensional works.

Inspired by mythology and sacred art, 100TAUR illustrates hybrid animals with human features, evolving in a dark enchanted universe. The creatures may appear frightening at first, but also captivating and playful while reminding us of the fragile balance between humans and nature. Hisham Echafaki plays with symmetrical patterns found in nature.  Wildlife from different ecosystems seem to perform a ‘ballet’ in total harmony until the human elements disrupt them. The artist will also be presenting his three dimensional works using a unique technique of resin layering, where oniric insects look suspended like fragile taxidermy specimen.

The exhibition is on view from October 14-16 at 94 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RH. For more info click here.