This year’s Moniker Art Fair 2015 in London will be hosting the premiere UK solo exhibition of Bom.K, organized by MYA galleryL’imprévisible Imaginaire will include the newest paintings by one of the founding members of the DMV crew.

The French artist, who developed a very recognizable style through his outdoor works, has been producing studio works for the last decade. Focusing on the darker side of urban reality, madness, life in the peripheral suburbs, social exclusion, fear and hate, his work is like the unwanted voice of his generation. Using pencil, spray can and loads of different chemical products, his large canvases have the same haunted, almost disturbing feeling as his walls. After showing in France and US, this is the first time he will be exhibiting paintings in the UK. The fair will run from October 15th to 18th and will host limited edition print releases, live mural painting, panel discussions, and more.

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