Philadephia’s Magic Gardens’ galleries are currently hosting a show/installation by Edgar “Saner” Flores. For Fragments of The Soul, the artist transformed the spaces into his mythological playground, heavily influenced by Mexican culture and tradition. By creating site-specific murals, illustrations, video projections, and paintings created on salvaged material found locally, the idea of the exhibition is to explore what we have left behind in life and to expose the small, secret parts of our souls.

Saner is a versatile artist equally active and confident with drawings, illustration, paintings and murals which is noticeable in this exhibition. Through his visual language based on Mexican folklore, his work explores social chaos, revolution, love, passion, anger, fear, and sadness. Opened on October 9th, this solo will be on view for two months, and will give visitors a chance to have a glimpse into the street artist’s vision of humans as spiritual social beings as well as an essential part of Earth’s ecosystem.