Zachari Logan’s work has been seen here and there at Roq La Rue for a few years now, but Grotesques is his first solo show at the Seattle gallery. Using colored pencil and pastels, Logan blends plants and animals to create mutated hybrids of familiar species. While the delicate pencil and mylar pieces are framed, two of the pastel paintings are shown simply pinned to the wall. He explains this absence of protection helps the viewer connect better with the piece.

In Di Minores, Alessandra Maria brings her signature style dominated by the use of gold leaf. Ink is used to highlight the plants and animals giving a three-dimensional back and foreground to the female subjects. The frames are also adorned in black and gold to complete the pieces as a whole.

Upstairs in the project room, local artist Joe Rudko’s Broken Image creates collages of photographs, arranged in intricate designs to create a new image. Rudko has been collecting photographs over the years and he often does not know who or what the subjects are in the photographs. Most are arranged in such a way as to only give a peak at that moment in time when it was taken, lending a curious and eerie feeling to the final composition.

All three exhibitions will be on display until November 28th.