One of the biggest criticisms of art fairs leveled by art lovers is that it is not the proper venue for properly conceived and realized artist exhibitions. Fair booths typically contain a collection of discrete works that are made to be sold and consumed. Art Basel Miami Beach’s Positions sector is the response to this criticism. The galleries that show in this part of the fair are given a platform for a single artist to present one major project. This includes installations or exhibitions that include multiple works in a range of media. It allows curators, critics, enthusiasts, and collectors to see projects by artists from around the world.

Galleries and artists at Positions included Andrei Koschmieder at Real Fine Arts, Vittorio Brodmann at Galerie Gregor StaigerDan Bayles at François Ghebaly Gallery, Sean Paul at Thomas Duncan Gallery, and Jieh G Hur at One and J. Gallery.

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