After creating a nice installation and store last year (covered) for Basel Week Miami, Snarkitecture is back with a new project for 2015 that they just unveiled at the Miami International Airport. The New York design studio established by Alex Mustonen and artist Daniel Arsham collaborated with Netjets to paint over one of their signature series global 5000 aircraft to mimic the concept of an ombre sky, the occurrence seen when flying at dawn or dusk when the horizon appears to be graded in color.

The project is further explained by Mustonen and Arsham – “We were especially interested in exploring the phenomenon of an ombre sky—that moment at dawn or dusk, when the sky creates a perfect gradient transition from light to dark. The effect is especially remarkable when viewed from the window of an airplane and it intimately connects the experience of flying with the surrounding infinite expanse of sky. We wanted to translate this phenomenon onto the exterior of the plane to create a memorable and unexpected moment for Art Basel Week.

Via Designboom.
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