Okuda just wrapped up one of his biggest and most impressive projects to date – Kaos Temple. The Spanish artist, who has been painting recognizable colorful murals everywhere from India, to South Africa to the peaks of Swiss alps, recently had the opportunity to work on the entire interior of an ancient temple located in Llanera (Asturias).

The allegedly cursed church aka Damned Church was converted by the collective Church Brigade into a Skate Church skate park three years ago. Impressed by the place and the entire atmosphere, Okuda decided to fill it with his geometric patterns and add a whole new dimension to this peculiar place. A few months ago, he launched a successful fundraising campaign in order to accomplish this goal and recently added the final touches to his masterpiece.

We’ve seen his aesthetics work well with different architectural shapes and forms, but this project takes his work to a whole new level. Painting its arches and stained glass, adding his characters, patterns and signature symbols such as the Kaos Star, the artist reinterpreted the church as a meeting place, creating one of the most unique skate parks in the world. For visits to the Kaos Temple and further info about the project please contact LaIglesiaSkate.com.

Photo credit: Elchino Pomares.
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