Remed and Okuda recently got together for a joint project in Spain at the Campo Viejo vineyards. Along with a mural they worked on, the two Spanish artists also collaborated on several sculptures at the Logroño location including the sweet large scale piece seen above. As you will probably agree, the geometric styles of both local artists blended together nicely and judging from the statement below, they will be working on future endeavors together.

“Campo Viejo proposed to Okuda and Remed to create a work inspired by the expressiveness of their wines… Here is the result. The sculpture of six meters high that have placed in the middle of the vineyard is, according to the creators, ‘a way to express their conception of life, and symbolizes a bridge between heaven and earth, primarily reflecting the will to live and be happy.’ This innovative joint experience of Okuda and Remed with Campo Viejo has just started, and upcoming events will take place in London, Barcelona, Stockholm …”

Photo credit: Nobulo (via Graffuturism).
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