Fortaleza in Brazil recently hosted the second edition of Festival Concreto, an urban and street art festival. As one of the 70+ international and local artists, Ino created the biggest piece of the event titled Heaven and Hell on Earth.

The Greek muralist worked on a 40m high building located in the heart of the city, producing the biggest mural in the whole of Fortaleza. Through his recognizable visual language based on the use of fat caps, he painted an image of a kid sitting on earth and sending a bullet with a kiss. Depicted as an angel and little devil at the same time, the little boy has both the horns and wings and the duality is further accented with breaking the image into two sections – one focused on the Earth as reality, and one on the mythical character. Working in a country that is known for its harsh life conditions for the majority of people, as well as their dedication to religion, He most likely is commenting on the contrast between the good or Godly and evil.

Ino has been producing engaging work around the world, from Miami to Minsk, and after finishing this piece, he is back home working on another large mural in Athens.