On January 9th, Tauba Auerbach returned to Paula Cooper Gallery in New York for a brand new exhibition. Entitled Projective Instrument, the show plays off the 1915 treatise Projective Ornament by the American architect & theosopher Claude Bragdon in which the author outlines a system for drawing four-dimensional ornament on a two-dimensional plane. Building upon this century old thesis, Auerbach further empowers projective geometry and recasts the “Ornament” as “Instrument,” thereby rendering it an active tool rather than mere representation. This results in a diverse series of works that includes paintings, sculptures and music performances.

This great exhibition also brings back old and new endeavors by the New York-based artist, favorites such as her “weave” paintings are showcased along her new “strata” canvases which were rendered with instruments specially created for this painting process. All in all, it was a very dynamic and well conceived body of work well worth the wait brought on by her four year gallery hiatus.

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