Over the weekend,  Tauba Auerbach unveiled a newly created body of work entitled Float at New York’s Paula Cooper Gallery to a packed opening night audience. The showing was everything we expected from the Brooklyn based artist and more, representing the diversity in Tauba’s artistic talents as well as her endless energy to explore a range of mediums. From her recently developed weave paintings to a new Bent Onyx book from the series which started last summer in the Hamptons named A book is an X-axis, Tauba proves that she can multi-task and have different focuses with success.

At the center of the gallery was the centerpiece Float sculptures. Crafted from a combination of lead crystal & urethane resin these pieces trap and disperse light in a unique way. Included in the new work was also a new series of Prism scan vertical c-prints. Of course, also present were her acclaimed fold paintings – which were a sight to behold. Check out all the visual goodness below.

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