Now available from Sternberg Press comes Folds, an elegantly produced and insightful publication chronicling Tauba Auerbach’s captivating series of paintings by the same name. Co-published by Bergern Kunsthall and released on the occasion of her recent museum solo exhibition, Tetrachromat, the 100-page hardcover book presents 65 color illustrations of the dimension warping works alongside mathematical diagrams and descriptive text, collectively shedding light on the creation and intention of the pivotal series. With the book being such a central muse in Auerbach’s art, evidenced from the lengths taken in the production of her A Book is Not An X exhibition as well as her gravity defying pop-up book [2,3], this volume will fit in nicely on any bookshelf. Folds retails for $39.95 and is now available direct from publisher via email here.

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