Three weeks before the official opening on the 6th of February, the historically designed landscape of Yorkshire Sculpture Park turned into sort of a construction site last weekend. With large trucks, cranes and other heavy machinery in place, the setup of the first UK museum exhibition by KAWS has begun.

Different body parts, Mickey-like gloves and shoes with signature X’s on them were carefully assembled by the team that was installing the showing from the NY-based artist. A series of wooden Companion sculptures, such as the 10 meter high Small Lie (2013), slowly started taking shape, turning the space into a playground of sorts for these familiar giants. Also, the snow that fell overnight added even more ambiance to the scenery, covering these iconic sculptures with a white coat. Along with these monumental Companions, the show will include new series of KAWS’ signature large, bright canvases as well at the YSP’s Longside Gallery.

Photo credit: Jonty Wilde.
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