Genalguacil is a small town in southern Spain which has been involved in supporting and organizing art projects for the last 20 years. Slowly turning the town into an open space museum, the locals recently invited Javier Calleja from nearby Malaga to add his contribution to the collection.

Inspired by the winding mountain roads between his hometown and the destination, the artist created this interesting sculptural installation titled Up, depicting a giant stubby pencil drawing a simple line on a white facade. This writing utensil is often used in his minimalist artwork and illustration, and in this context, the pencil is a symbol of the local artisans that work with wood in this part of Spain. With the help of these carpenters, Calleja created the piece using local cedar wood. The finished sculpture is weighs 80 kilos, measuring almost half meter and is suspended and leaning over the front of the tower of the Museum of Contemporary Art Fernando Centeno.