Castor Gallery is back from summer holidays with a solo show of new paintings and installations by Javier Calleja opening on September 10th in New York. For this No Art Here, the Malaga-based artist created a new body of work that combines his meticulous technique and childlike sense of humor.

Curated by the gallery’s Justin Dedemko and @WillNYC, the exhibition includes works of various sizes that play with scale and proportion. Presenting works that depict “the secret life” of post it notes or a notebook pages, the artist adds a new life and perspective to these common blank surfaces. Plain and simple at first, Calleja’s works show a unique attention to detail which is what makes these pieces work both as single works and installations (as seen on the preview images we just received). Filled with optimism, innocence, and unpretentious fun, this show is an interesting start of a new season for the gallery known mostly for contemporary artists.

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