Graffiti writer, painter and illustrator, HuskMitNavn, is opening his solo show, entitled Morning, with the V1 gallery in Copenhagen on March 27th. Known for his witty comic-like work, often ridiculing and commenting on everyday situations, the Danish artist created a whole show themed around mornings and morning rituals.

Through his flat visual language, using clean lines and a clear color palette, he immortalized recognizable morning routines into paintings, collages and drawings, creating a refreshing body of work with an original and common theme. Though some of the pieces might appeal more to local audience, most of the works are universal images poetically depicting the familiar sleep deprived, cozy and chaotic moment in the AM. Covering many possible locations and scenarios, HuskMitNavn paints everything from individual to professional aspects of starting a new day through these humorous pieces. Non-pretentious and very direct, his simple, almost banal approach to creating art themed around life dynamics makes his paintings and drawings appeal to very wide range of people. The body of work created for Morning is not an exception, as everyone can find themselves, their neighbors or someone they know, in these pictures. The show will stay on view until April 25th.

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