From 11th of March until 16th of April, BQ gallery in Berlin will be showing a solo exhibition by David Shrigley. Song For The Rat includes a series of signature drawings, as well as a single neon work, similar to the ones he did before for his two prior shows with the gallery.

Primarily known to a wider public for his newspaper cartoons, books and animations, Shrigley created an array of pencil on paper drawings for the show. Depicting absurd situations of everyday life and taking banal objects for subjects of artworks, the pieces are easy to relate to. Commenting on every aspect of life and its most insignificant little routines or elements, the British artist takes an almost childish approach mocking these familiar situations. Often leaving crossed-out words and painted-over “mistakes,” the work feels that more personal and sincere, and it is hard not to enjoy its absurdity and honesty. By re-creating everyday observations in the form of an art piece (i.e.: “Bananas have become fashionable”), the observer can relate to these random thoughts and connect to the work. The neon piece “NO WIFI” installed in the gallery window can be interpreted as an ironic commentary about modern times and the human addiction to connectivity, or as an exaggerated “retro” type art piece, continuing his legacy of creating farcical work.

Photo credit: Roman März.
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