On the 9th of April, the Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia Treccani held an event they called Streets Art / 30 years of writing graffiti and street art in comparison, giving an overview of the movement through the testimony of artists in Italy. Along with lectures and conversations, one of the main parts of the event was live painting by Eron, organized in the lobby of the institute.

As an artist that regularly includes the surrounding environment in the context of his work, as well as touches social issues, he created a homage to the thousands of refugees that risked their lives crossing the Mediterranean in search of better life. Using spray paint, a medium that he has exclusively used for many years, he painted on the remains of a broken boat, creating an installation titled Soul of the Sea. The finished work shows the strength of his distinctive technique that uses transparent fumes of paint to create ghostly representations of characters with signs of wear or rust. Almost projecting the image of a mother with her two kids on the side of a boatwreck, the piece is an emotive reminder of the multitude of people that lost their lives trying to reach European shores.

Photo credit: treccani.it.