Unit London will be showing an exclusive preview of new works by Ryan Hewett (interviewed) from the 16th until the 22nd of May. The South African artist will be presenting 14 new paintings on canvas as an insight into his new body of work.

The exhibition is sort of a preview of his forthcoming solo that will be held in London during Frieze Week in October. Following his successful London show from 2015, the new showing will continue his work on abstract portraits and “the exploration of the human psyche and deconstruction of his subject through instinctive and sculptural mark making.” From these preview shots we’ve received, the new works seem to be larger in scale, but also, more subtle in tones and colors used and more textured, almost entering the sculptural sphere. After portraying iconic figures in his last exhibition, the new pieces are shifting towards a more personal narrative, capturing moments in the artist’s life, alongside self-portraiture.

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