On June 23rd, Museo De Las Americas in Denver, Colorado, opened the first US museum solo show by Saner (Edgar Flores). Staying on view for 3 months, Resistencia/Resistance introduces the different styles of work that the Mexican artist has been known for – from murals, paintings, to large detailed and smaller, almost abstract drawings.

Featuring many traditional elements, dominated by the recognizable Mexican masks, Saner likes to stage ancient scenarios in modern day settings. The masks symbolize modern life and the many faces or roles that people have due to their everyday responsibilities and expectations. Balancing between human and spiritual, his characters are often shown performing various symbolic or literal actions. From elaborate ink drawings to colorful canvases, the works are full of energy and mystery representing the ideals and aspirations of people from his surrounding. Through his work, he is “celebrating the Mexican community, culture, love for life and the power the resist the taming of the ancient spirits.”