Sidewalk Hymn is a new print released by Jim Houser through 1xRUN. The standard edition comes in a run of 40 and costs $65 whereas the hand-embellished edition comes in a run of 15 and costs $150. Measuring 24 x 18 inches, the prints are signed and numbered, have a COA included, and having framing as an option.

The Philly-based artist¬†further explains the image – “The idea comes from walking around my neighborhood and seeing these small vigil spots on the sidewalk at the location of something bad happening. Car wreck, shooting, a sick kid etc. The ones with the stuffed animals always crush me. There’s usually not an explanation of any sort, you are just left to wonder what happened. I think it’s a sign of where we are, how life is right now. Seems like I notice them more and more. They are sad and they are beautiful.”

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