Today, Galleria Patricia Armocida in Milan will be opening the #present #past #sentiment #dust solo by Eron. For this exhibition, the Italian artist prepared a series of never-before-seen works consisting of mixed media on paper, spray paint on canvas, and sculptures.

The show is based on the same approach he has when painting walls and objects in public – by drawing inspiration from the perceptual phenomenon known as Pareidolia, an instinctive and automatic tendency to find familiar shapes in chaotic images. This phenomenon often helps rationalizing seemingly paranormal effects, such as the appearance of images on walls or the apparition of “ghosts” in photographs. Usually occurring with human faces and figures, Eron tries re-creating these illusions by using stains, mold, and rust to create evocative figurative subjects. By using the spray paint medium in such unique way, he achieves a poetic blend of painting, present, past, sentiment, dust, and perceptual sensation. Sometimes working with abstraction, but more often creating images that refers to the object he is working on, the works feel like fragments of memory. The show will stay on view until November 5th.