Currently at the Library Street Collective’s new branch in Los Angeles, Jordan Nickel aka POSE has a solo show on view entitled FRANKLY. For the gallery’s LA inaugural residency and exhibition, the artist prepared a series of 16 paintings on paper and one on panel that were created in a more stripped down style and with a more muted palette.

He further elaborates – “For awhile now, I’ve been making these quick digital sketches with appropriated Bat Masterson comic frames from the 1960s, and they became increasingly relevant to me as gun violence has erupted in Chicago and worldwide. It was therapeutic to make those sketches as an exercise in responding to what was going on. Like everyone else, I was experiencing these tragic events through news and social media, and it felt appropriate to respond with digital gestures in order to communicate the same filtered, immediate reaction. I kept thinking about how badly I wanted to paint just like that…….”

Photo credit: Jon Lake.
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