The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, Croatia, is continuing their public art project Spajalica (also see Isaac Cordal & Sebas Valasco) by adding another impressive mural to the streets of their town. Local artist Lonac recently spent some time in town, working on a piece titled Nitpicking.

The Zagreb-based artist has built a reputation as a skilled artist known for impeccable photorealistic works done exclusively with spray paint. His newest piece shows a man working on a sail boat model, with a look of concentration on his face. With an obvious nod to classic painting aesthetics, the image features intense shadow and light play as well as strong focus on details. From different skin tones to wrinkles, facial hair or fabric drapery, the finished piece measuring 4×8 meters appears as a blown up version of a classic oil painting rather than a spray painted wall piece.

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