Tonight in Los Angeles at L.A. LouverGajin Fujita has put together a heavy lineup for a group show entitled Roll Call. With many of the original graffiti crews as well as some of the succeeding generations of artists represented, fans will be in for a treat. Participants include Chaz Bojorquez, David Cavazos (Big Sleeps), Fabian Debora, Ricardo Estrada, Alex Kizu (Defer), Patrick Martinez, Retna, Jose Reza (Prime), Jesse Simon, Slick.

Fujita further explains – “Graffiti gave us a voice and a sense of identity. It was our entry into another world beyond our neighborhoods, and we never thought what we were doing then would have such an impact not just on the cultural landscape of Los Angeles, but on the generations to come. It’s exciting to see the new school of artists coming out of the L.A. graffiti scene that are breaking away from letter forms, and taking the movement to the next level. To me, these artists are a cross section of generations and geographies of graffiti. This show is a reflection of the people that have impacted my life, and the city of Los Angeles.”