Coming up next week at a secret location presumably somewhere near Melbourne, Lush will be presenting a new show in a unique format entitled Bring Cash. The Australian graffiti artist who has made memes and comedy on the streets an art form has put up a new print for sale (seen above) featuring Clinton and Trump liplocked titled simply “When you’re both pieces of shit and it works.” By purchasing it thru Backwoods Gallery, you gain the privilege of being blindfolded and taken in a group or alone to the exhibition or for international guests, seeing it livestreamed vs. facetimed with associated amenities depending on you are in the pleb tier or patrician tier.

For those familiar with his work, this exhibition and its associated quirks seem like an extension of the provocative artist’s work on the streets. Oftentimes painting celebrities or the latest memes, Lush is a master of social media and gaining mainstream media coverage of his outlandish murals and stunts. For those interested, here is your opportunity to see his work in person or maybe even meet the elusive artist while perhaps participating in his latest performance.

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