When the call comes from POW! WOW! Hawaii for an artist to join the festivities, oftentimes it doesn’t take long for them to say YES! The annual get together is almost like a reunion of sorts as participants around the world get to see their friends and colleagues again – in an idyllic island setting. The main attraction of the event of course are the plethora of opportunities to catch public art in progress, all centered in the Kakaako district of Honolulu.

While walking the streets, we have captured a first set of photos for you of murals in progress for 2017 including work from PichiAvo (seen relaxing above), Telmo Miel (getting their crab on), Shok-1 (working on one of his instantly recognizable skeletal hands throwing up a shaka), Tara McPherson (painting with her signature palette), Maya Hayuk (creating another multi-colored piece), and Evoca1 (painting one of his favorite bird-based walls).

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