On May 2nd, Half Gallery will be opening long time coming NYC solo debut by Nathaniel Mary Quinn. Conceived as an ode to his mom, On That Faithful Day consists of nine works on paper and one painting on linen canvas, all portraying the artist’s late mother and himself.

Following his body of work that heavily references his childhood and experiences, this very personal showcase is focused on the most important person in the American artist’s life. Using individual memories, experiences and narratives, Quinn paints his subjects from fragmented visions using black charcoal, gouache and soft pastel. The texture created with these mediums adds to aged, forgotten feel of the works, while the patched visual fragments further accent this poetic effect. By focusing on working in the moment, instead of having pre-existing ideas, he is able to compose his paintings without knowing the work’s final purpose, uncovering his most honest and uninterrupted vision of the subject. Interestingly, the four self portraits included in this exhibition are the first ones he has ever painted.